Mr. Bol Bol, Teacher

We teach them the future and touch the heart of boy and girl. We teach and touch the future, every day a teacher changes the World.

This is an example by growing the nation in the bush. As a shepard of his flocks, dispite the difficulties of the circumstances.

Keep the Eastern Jikany Community spirit heritage alive, as a hero who had rescued his people as a volunteer worker.




Greetings! From Hztza Bol Bol:

I am writing on the behalf of Latjor Diyan hope and dreams. His wisdom is great as well as to all leaders of the Eastern Jikany migration Whose their hope and dream believed to be the most powerful miracle. We are now to acknowledge them. It is realty that it has now go deeper roots than we thought a long time ago. Everybody is welcome to our Jikäny heritage website known as . This website will be focusing on the events of Eastern Jikany migration?s status as a eastern Jikany movements from the Western Nuer at Nguenyiel village in which the movement had started to moved east in the beginning of 1800,s..This website is also to marks our commitment as a new generations to built toward the future.

We are requested to continue serves in free of charge to those interested of the individuals. Our grandfathers wanted us to make sure that we would have a meaningful life. The majority of the Nuer?s people thought that Jikany full commitment, was the real factor which moved the whole tribe to achieved their goal. As a result we are very great because of that experience. On the other hand, Latjor Dreams is the first Nuer World Wide Web for telling some of forgettable histories.

The web will be the key vehicle for Nuer?s in general to applied ideas to the changes or link us with what had been happened on those days, when Jikäny crossed the Nile River, by this time it may remind all of us to be able to find out the sequences of the information?s of the time events. Starting from our present time as well as in the past of the 18th centuries ago. Not only that the web will be an invaluable tool for meeting the values of E.J and the goals of finding.

We hoped that you will find the Latjor website as very interesting and to think about structure and the Eastern power status position which was beneficial to Southern Sudanese people as well as the Nuer?s to make a history happened. This Eastern Jikäny power status is the structure position that can provide us with the roles, privileges, prestige as well as our unique identity.

To tell the truth, all Nuer, from their old four District of which I believed by this time as fifteen Districts or counties love Latjor, for what he had done to them because of the quantities that he had post at that time for his expansions the Nuer lands to its course. On the contrary, we need to pay a great considerable attention to how Jikäny makes it possible under the leadership of Latjor, who is a voice for all the people.Lajor has done a great job for us, even the next and the next young generations to comes Now the positions in his visions of the dreams believed to create a form of the network?s in the Southern Sudan social forces which had placed the Eastern Jikany in relation with others. In regard to that, our expectation is to make more works or decisions in order to promote Latjor visions. this is going to be a solely decision on the basis of E. Jikäny who knew for sure that the dreams are still at work all these time. Why? because the degree to which our society integrated together is one of the solid facts no one can denies this. All in all came from the Jikany dreams, as a result Latjor community is to continue working for truth.

In fact, it?s going to be beneficial in our quest for a pure historical experience to learn more from our share commitment. This is to became clear that our society function identification is a true vision. Now I wish if we can take this for granted. At present this action would have to be our function of interest and will continue to shape our social living of our leadership. Lets those who have worked hardest for quite a long time deserve to be remembered with a heart felt praised. The worked they have done and the values they had accomplished are remained important today.

Note: Therefore, the basic of the Latjor Dreams organization are
of the three in which each of us should remember. They are to get
organize, by putting things into place. Order of doing thing. also let?s get together so that we know what each of us is doing in the Jikany success, from the times of Nuer migration in regard of occupations process, and in the time to come needed to be look at.

Please call on us, contact us and let us know what you think. We are going to look forward to hearing some time from you, until we agree, we will be bide to have prosperity, and I believe we remain as always been with that useful information.

By Hztza Bol Bol Ruei Bol
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South-Portland, ME 04106


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