Family talk. Burning of the fire remained as a symbol of pe

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Family talk. Burning of the fire remained as a symbol of pe

Postby bolbol » Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:03 pm

Date: 4/14/2009
Family talks

Family talk. Burning of the fire remained as a symbol of peace for the people to Recognize and forgives. During the civil war, the society has been torn apart by the war, and it was hard to forget. The war destroys everything people were divided by the
When came backed forgiveness, they make peace, when came to together nobody talked about the past. B/c so many lives lost.
Slaughter house cutting male pines People lived less than a dollar a day Former child solder, in sirloin, were about 3000 00 child solders save unify Ishmael Beah was on ages
12, less than 2/ ½ fighting when retuning from the war saw woman with a baby short dead by the rebel in from of him Children were forced by rebel to short their own parent, they got less than a week training The reaction to the film that has been title? The family talks.
The most important here the lighting the 8 candles for lighting for generations of
Genocide those fall on the genocide groups around the world
War and recondition from child solder-

Bol Bol.
Date: 4/26/2009
HTY: 182
The Story of Latinos
The changed happened to me and also to you
The story began to address the challenges and changes of being strengths and the family
Ties and expanding sense of home hope and dream
The poor social condition including street violence and killing
This is the stories for those who were immigrated long time ago to USA and being told by the second generation who were born in the United States. The story was full of sadness for how their community as well as parents met with difficulties.

The story teaches me for how the diverse group immigrants with many changes and
Difficulties in their lived. Those challenges include the language barrier discrimination in some ways, like employment difficulties, culture shocks adaption of to their
Adjustment. And some difficulties they were during of their young ages, with no father
Care well of them

DATE: 5/7/2009

Where, In Kennedy Park, (Peter Nyuany Machar House)
Agenda: Brain storming, for what we should do or Nuer become. We are going to answering the Why, What and how, questions, for come-back, to our original?s way of life

The names of Elders who are believe to attend the family talks.

1. Geng Ngoal Bill, = Member.
2. Gat-Hoth Rick, = member.
3. Gat-Thank Diang, = member.
4. Gat-Lia Tap. ?(The appointee finance secretary, of the Nuer community and chairman of Jagei local Community.)?
5. Man-Nyakoat P.Machar, = Member
6. Man-NyaUN,= member
7. Man-Bangich Bol, = member
8. Man- Gat-Thak Lul Pal, = member
9.Man-Dholi Gat Lia, (Nyarial.)=Member
10 Michael Teny Gatkeak, ?(The Church Pastor.)?
11. Michael Koang Gach, = member
12. Mayuai Kuoth, =member
13.Mathew Dual long, ?(Church Evangelist.)?
14. Kuach Chatim Paul, = member.
14. Kuony Nyathiech?(the acting, appointee, vice chair of the Nuer community)?
16. Deng Kuany, = member
17. Ruach Kuoth Thiwat, = member
18. Hoth Jany, = member.
19. Peter Nyuany Machar, = member
20. Joseph Yien Thok ?(the elected vice chairman)?
21. Joseph Gach Thiwat?(Church Evangelist)?
22.Both Bomach, ?(the Nuer community elected finance sec. and Ulang local community chairman)?
23. Bipan Majok, ?(Lou Nuer local community chairman)?
24. Bol Bol, (the chairperson of the Nuer elders meeting family talks of today, date.)
25. Nyachara GatKuoth, (Nuer community chairwoman)
26. Nyapeni ChuolDuol, = member.
27. Nyadol Nyuok, = member.
28. NyaJiema Tut, = Member.

Please, the meeting should be start exactly at 5.PM. comes all, comes one, to make sure what is going on in the Nuer community in Maine.
Signed by:
May, 10th, 2009.
Luchmuch Bol
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