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Message Board, Part I, Guidelines:

GREETINGS! My name is Bol Bol Ruei Bol. On the behalf of the Eastern Jikany Nuer “HEROES”, I greeting you all and welcome to our culture heritage website for Latjor Dreams. It is our hope that you'll find it helpful. Many links will offer you the lear mirror to who we are and what we do. Our mission statement will have to direct our goal arounc achieving success, and at the same time we strongly believed, stay challenged and energized around the work that we do is ours. The Eastern Sabot Latjor Dreams would be focus, guide and direct us to the Nuer dynamic of Eastern Jikany migration status as a natural historical.

Therefore, in that of Eastern history needs some hard work, is to be considered. It will also mark the eastern Jikany movements from the western Nuer of it 189 by the year 2006, due to the Latjor Hystorical involvement to the Nuers General expansions process. In other hand, we currently have fulfilled the long term planning of the LDEJ logo which would allow us to view in addition to acts on our vision for how we could have to coordinate the development of our state as well as our countries. In that we value public input and to that end, we invite you to email us with any question or comment.


First the purpose of this Board is to facilitate communications of our exchange view messages and some input to the Latjor Diyan Community Dreams in a pleasant atmosphere. We hope that you will share related activities and your specific interest experience, technical information, historical research and we continuous enjoy the process as the community members.

The Dreams ultimate goals is to unite both Jikany of the Western Nuer (Jikany Chieng Tang of Gar keak Loup) and Jinaky of the Eastern Nuer (Jikany Doar of Latjor Duach whose their father believed to be Kiir Kaaker with his four sons of the tree wives namely.

1/ Nyakueny, the first wife, who was the mother of the first-born son called Mathiang of Thiang Kiir.

2/ Nyabora, the second wife, the mother of Kuan kiir, whose Ox name is called Guang Jaak

3/ Duany Geka, the 3rd wife, Who was the mother of Kiir two sons, Majok or Jiok Kiir, and Kietnyang or Nyang Kiir.

In general, it may take a village to do the job, particularly there will be a strong unity of purpose in Eastern Jikany Doar, no doubt the time is on our side. In the same way, this web is to be inclusive, it should be open to every ones, especially the Nuer tribe who will have a vision to promote our learning that is why we can respect this guideline. Step by steps to honors those who had fought hard for our future. Likewise, this web will not be turn for political maneuvering but to fight back to claims our credit and to promote the visions and the hope of our share commitment.

The Eastern Jinaky visions might involve to building credits that we nearly lost and at the same time to make the dreams come true. We home at the same time that your inputs will be all we will enjoy the process by getting the work done by all of us. There will be no any stone left and turns.

Secondly, as founder and the president of this Latjor Community, I appeal to you and I understand the necessity of humor in “keeping the Eastern Jiknay spirit of it heritage alive” as a living history from their long difficulties of tracking the trip activities be enjoyable today, due to this we will have no problem with finding the truth of migration and to keeping things relaxed on this Board.

In fact, please do it, in the name the name of our respected Ancestors for their great visions. This can included taking good natured pokes at one another on behave finding and continue working on our history.

My office ask that if any one posting to keep in mind that there would be limitations to any one likes to share his/her ideasby keeping Kiir family to rited and united! Watch and judge your language, this might be the time for unity in action for Jikanya Change, means the raising sun, the Eastland’s.

Third, be nice to each other! We ask also that intentionally malicious comments not be made on our family Board. Therefore, don’t fell you need to shy away from the Eastern spirited discussion. In addition, if you keep to the issues and stay away from personal attacks we should appreciated your contribution so much. This is not the forum to criticize individuals, not on this Board. But you are required to help or correct any statements concerning the Nuer history, do it if you are disagreeing. Again do not participate in any Board wars of the dirty game.

A lot of the other messge of the Nuer community Boards are family of the Dreams. Each Board among them has it’s own personality of doing things and specific interests and similarly as Latjor Dreams too. Feel free to participate in our Dreams Board but there is no shame since you believe to be a part of the vision Dream of Eastern Nuer Latjor Community.

Fourth be polite! The board committee ask that people who will using this Board, should remember that it is open form for everyone who are going to be able to contribute some thing to the dream success be welcome to do so, regardless of which clans, sections or areas where the living history should come from. We thought very well that the interesting history is everywhere in the Nuerlands West, East and the Central Nuer. We don’t care if you bring a false history, may be you are some body who intended to be a historian or just interested in the Nuer migration thrust of their four directions we welcome to join in.

Because of you presence, the E. J. Dreams feels that there are still a lots of digging ahead of us and too many walls or barriers in our continuing the living history, to discover and it’s out objective to see that this Board shall bring and becomes a vehicle for tearing down the walls to some of our barriers.

Now then, for one hard and fast rule under no circumstance on this Board will any one censure another person posting. This means refraining from telling someone to butt out, (telling someone to stop being involved in something private). Take a hike “You’re not welcome here”. Again in any cases at all, if any of us have issues with someone or something that you concerned about that they have posted and you have to express it, please do so by our private email, no problem to do so. Remember that you are Latjor Dreams family member, guest and friends alike.
Fifthly, now is time for exclusives! The Dream is believe to be inclusive in it nature, but we are not going to turn our back and keep walking away from it, if this going to happen, its will seem as we are ignoring the truth. There is no way to escape but to engage, I tell you this, the Dream is like a continuous stream of water that going one way and another around. It has to shape us in presence time with a new idea whereas most of its members would never be ready at any time to alters what ever we intended to do. There is no back up but to take it into account at presence and our future generations of Latjor would have imitated our act of today benefit for them to continue.

This web is to be open to all people whoa re Nuer ethnicity or anyone interested in the Nuer language, culture and the Nuer multiple histories. Therefore, this is to adapt our new way of life, it doesn’t mean that to forget about our own traditions but we are able to learn the new things and continue to keep our own traditions. It is duty of the Nuer elders to share their knowledge with younger ones and as people who know nothing about the Nuer culture are welcome to learn more about us.

The Nuer is a unique culture, it need other to understand also that how important is. We wish to share this pieces of traditions not all only among ourselves, but with our American neighborhood.

Finallt, remember this is a family of Kiir sponsored Board. That is to say, someone else would be happy to continue paying for your use. Let each of the KIIR SONS and DOUGHTERS understand that it is a privilege for us to post here but not right. We will enjoy your participation whenever you do so, but reserve the right to protect our well-being and to respect our LATJOR COMMUNITY. However, we have no any intention to using out heavy hands. As long as you continue watching your language, we say be nice, be polite as you are among the family to learn some culture from the Elders.
We believes we would get along well as I used to know we always digging out together regarding the Eastern Nuer history of its heritages. Either you believe it or not, the Sobat Latjor Dream have no any sort of intention at all to allowed such a way that to change our solid subject to be nothing.

Just as we all knew it, we all came out of the same blood, the same people, the same ancestors as well the same culture of the heritage. We invite you to share as a choice of action, this choice of action depends on our values, freedom, of free land of Jikany where at that time Latjor favor equality for all of them, and he commit himself to alter unjust Gee superiority. Because of that we should strongly committeed to do what it can takes and willing to give up time and energy to tried to it development as of a great man community volunteer who always stand for truth. The Jikany Nuer values are be reflected through action as what we supposed to believe in

Latjor Dream Board: This Board will have a lot of features that you should like! Where it needs you to register and take full advantage of those features.

a\ Link your small personal photo from the web site.
b\ Add links and photos to messages, smiley.

c\ Add also formatting sucha s bold italics and so on
d\ We also thought to allows us to post polls.

e\ Send private messages between our users and home new messages.
f\ Setting up chat system, but test it to help
g\ There will be also having a time likes Starting from the year when PADIT GAK GAK came to the East up to the time that we are now.

Please we at last asking that you that as the history indicated, put a name on your every issues or message you want to write even if you don’t register. Try to put some thought into your message subject too. After browsing around a bit, be sure to take a look at the frequently asking questions [FAQ]. This will answer most of your questions. If not, you are ask to fell free to contact the head quarter under the Board Committee to answer you concern

Hztza Bol Bol
Eastern Jikany Latjor
Community Sobat Region